Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance provides a multitude of advantages in today’s world. Individual whole life insurance policies slowly, and steadily, accrue interest every year that you pay the premium. While the policy remains in effect, your clients have the option to cash it in and withdraw all the equity they have earned. Whole Life Insurance policies can NEVER be canceled so long as punctual payments are maintained on the policy. This benefit stays with your clients even as they age and even if they develop heath problems.

Another significant benefit of Whole Life Insurance is that it also lets your clients borrow against its equity! This readily accessible extra cash can come in handy when financing the down payment on a home, or navigating life’s unexpected emergencies. Should your client become partially disabled, often a policy will borrow against itself to continue premium payments, making sure that coverage remains in tact.

Many customers also use Whole Life Insurance as a savings tool. It provides a reliable way of preparing for the future in an affordable, structured format.

It is a fact of life that we all will die one day. Whether we view this fact as pleasant, unpleasant or just another ‘fact-of-life’ it is important to plan for it. One way to do this is with a Whole Life Insurance policy. In addition to the other planning done for retirement, health, and well-being during your clients life-time, a Whole Life Insurance policy provides added benefits and security for them and their loved ones.

Star Life Partners works with you to customize both product selection and product variety so that you are able to exceed the expectations of your customers.