Mission Statement

Star Life Mission Statement

We are committed to contribute to the business needs of life and health insurance agents by offering them

  • Efficient service,
  • Dependable business tools,
  • Accurate and timely information about insurance companies,
  • Competitive insurance products
  • And competitive compensation.

Star Life Full Back Office Support

  • Telephone answered by live person during business hours
  • Help with running illustration/s
  • Help with preliminary offer/s on impaired risk client/s
  • Weekly emails with sales ideas/product information/educational material
  • Scrub applications and provide regular status report/s/
  • Online status report/s 24/7
  • Order Paramed/s for your client (on request)
  • Help with writing cover letter
  • Follow-up with insurance companies till you are paid
  • Track commissions for you and pay you a bonus
  • Help with designing product advertisement/s and customized brainsharks
  • Help with prospect letter/s
  • Help with client presentation/s
  • Help with client seminar/s
  • After sales service provided on all client cases
  • Help with policy review of existing client/s•
  • Regular company update/s and news
  • We provide the training to increase your sales every Monday and Wednesday
  • 24/7 quote/s engine, forms, Company info. And product guide on our website
  • Great one page resource guide on various topics
  • Help with Jumbo case design and much more……………….

Access to a Panel of Experts for consultation on

  • Buy Sell Concept
  • Wealth transfer case/s
  • Key man case/s
  • 412i plans
  • Split annuities
  • Estate Planning
  • Use of insurance in Retirement planning
  • Pension maximization illustration/s
  • Estate maximization illustration/s
  • Jumbo case design.
  • Chasunah Plan designs

Bottom line: You ask a question and we will get you the answer.

  • Open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm eastern time.
  • Toll free phone and fax, email and website for communication.
  • Competitive and great choice of carriers with excellent ratings.
  • Good placement rate for impaired risk cases.
  • You can run term quotes on our website or have us run it for you.
  • You can run UL/WL/DI/LTC quotes on our website or have us run it for you.
  • We are a paperless office with imaging system and the latest technology and tools.
  • Fast turnaround time on policy issue-our average is 3 weeks from the date • we receive the application to the agent getting paid.

We believe that the best gift of friendship is to share information/resources that count!

Let your friend/s get the benefit of doing business with Star Life.


  • You will be Rewarded-$500 per agent**
  • Just fill this form and fax to 718-972-8402 or email info@starlifepartners.com and we will do the rest!

Agent Name                    Address                           Phone Number






Your Name (Print): __________________________________

Signature and Date: _________________________________

** You will be sent a check for $500 when the referred agent submits and places at least 3 cases with any of our carriers.

Call 718-972-8400 NOW to Gain the Freedom to Sell the BEST and Earn the MOST!

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